The Half-Blood Prince Half Marathon!

This event got bumped from the event lineups in both 2014 and 2015, but now it’s finally here! And while the timing of this event is purely coincidence, we cannot ignore the fact that we lost our Half-Blood Prince, Alan Rickman, to pancreatic cancer in January. Hence, it is in his honor that the proceeds from this event will go to support Project Purple...a team of runners dedicated to defeating pancreatic cancer, raising awareness, and supporting patients and families affected by this terrible disease that kills more than 80% of those diagnosed. To learn more about Project Purple, please visit their website at

While you can complete the distance any time you want, we are encouraging as many people as possible to complete their half marathon (or the last part of it) on Saturday, May 14th. As always, this is just a fun can complete your distance any time you'd like!

Sign up today and help Hogwarts Running Club and Project Purple brew the perfect potion for curing pancreatic cancer!

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The Half-Blood Prince Half Marathon Event Shirt

Hogwarts Running Club presents its third event of 2016 - The Half Blood Prince Half-Marathon! You've been working hard this year to get to this moment... you can do it! This event has been in the works since we first started in 2014, but it seemed only fitting that we tie it in with the man who made Snape come to life. So as you run your 13.1 to help those living with pancreatic cancer, we give you Felix Felicis, for luck, Sectum Sempra, for enemies, and always Hogwarts Running Club, for Alan.


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In its first two years, Hogwarts Running Club has raised over $420,000 for deserving charities making a direct impact in the lives of veterans, animals, literacy campaigns, and children battling (and beating!) terrible diseases. With our charity partners, we are changing the muggle-world one mile at a time. Check out our past events for more information on these incredible organizations. here.


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Perfect Prefect

Members of Hogwarts Running Club who have distinguished themselves by registering for all six events plus the Challenge event for a total of seven events in a given calendar year are named Perfect Prefects and enshrined in the hall of fame for all time.


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