The Sirius Half Marathon

Our fourth event of 2017 celebrates one of the most beloved characters from the wizarding world: Sirius Black. A devoted friend, loving godfather and talented wizard, Sirius rejected pure-blood mania and chose to do what was right. Your registration includes this awesome 3” medal, custom sublimated ribbon, and your own personalized digital bib!

We are speaking for veterans who can't speak for themselves. We are honored to announce our charity partner for this event is Mission K9 Rescue. MK9R's mission is to rescue, reunite, re-home, rehabilitate and repair any retired working dog that has served mankind in some capacity. They believe these hero Working Dogs have earned and deserve a good retirement, a loving home and lifelong care. They provide retiring working dog heroes with transport, adoption facilitation, rehoming, financial assistance for life threatening medical situations and end of life benefits which are currently lacking when these dogs retire after serving their country and their communities. Please visit mission k9 rescue to learn more.


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The Sirius Half Marathon shirt

What better way to remember Sirius than a shirt with all of his wise words! The shirts feature Sirius in his animagus form, Padfoot, and many of Sirius' best quotes. All proceeds from the event shirts will also go to Mission K9 Rescue. You can get your shirt at:


Perfect Prefect

Members of Hogwarts Running Club who have distinguished themselves by registering for all six events plus the Challenge event for a total of seven events in a given calendar year are named Perfect Prefects and enshrined in the hall of fame for all time.


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Past Events

In its first two years, Hogwarts Running Club has raised over $420,000 for deserving charities making a direct impact in the lives of veterans, animals, literacy campaigns, and children battling (and beating!) terrible diseases. With our charity partners, we are changing the muggle-world one mile at a time. Check out our past events for more information on these incredible organizations.


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